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Debra Sue

Introducing…..Debra Sue, a Toledo native & a woman with much love for her city (Toledo). She has invested in herself and in Toledo, owning several companies to include a radiology management & consulting company, a beauty salon, a recording studio, a streaming radio station, an entertainment management company, a publishing/marketing company, a real estate company, and others. She is heavily involved in her community and supports worthwhile community activities. She has been an advocate in her community, is a business block member for the Vistula Business District, and attends many meetings in support of various community-driven organizations. She is a Lucas County Historic District Committee Commissioner approved by the mayor’s office. She lends her support to the Breanna Banner Lady Bug Society, an organization that encourages extended education & etiquette of young women ages 12-18. Debra Sue believes strongly in continued education for women, and holds college and university degrees herself.    Debra Sue is heavily involved in running her entertainment company, Glass City Talent 419 (GCT419) - an Entertainment Management & Promotions Co. Several very talented Toledo artists are signed under her leadership & several have been scouted by major Industry entertainment companies. In 2016, GCT419 hosted 17+ shows in Toledo & several out of state shows. These venues provided local artists opportunities to sharpen their skills, perfect their stage presentations and to have fun while strengthening their social networking skills. Debra Sue also co-manages/supports several international recording artists, affording her the opportunity to work with many upper level industry leaders who have taught her ‘the ropes’ in a very competitive market. 

The company recently opened its first upscale recording studio, “GCT419 Recording Studio”, located at 1419 W. Sylvania in Toledo, Ohio. “The industry door was opened for me by great women”, she states, and she continues to learn from her mentor, whom she affectionately refers to as ‘Embrace’.  Debra Sue, too, is a performer, starting from a very young age. “My singing skills came from my mother…she has the most angelic singing voice I have ever heard, and she whistles like a finely tuned instrument,” says Debra Sue. While Debra Sue is a recognized local public figure, she is a very private person to some degree. She keeps her private life private & considers social media a ‘no-no’ when it comes to exposing her personal life & family. She advises all to “watch what you say on social media….you never know whose watching.”  

Debra Sue can be heard on iHeart Radio 94.9FM on Friday evenings, as she introduces Toledo music; she also promotes all Midwest music on 419LegaC Radio, a streaming station that she co-owns and co-hosts with artist & friend, Markese R., aka Microphone Rome. When asked what her future holds, she responds, “the path is set before me, I know it is divinely calculated….so that is the path I will walk, where ever it may lead.”  

Glass City Talent 419 manages several local artists; artists and their merchandise are linked in this web site.  We will offer a PayPal link to purchase merch.  We will also be making an interactive interface for fans to communicate with their favorite artist!  Stay tuned.



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Glass City Talent 419 artists perform across the country.  We promote all 419 music and artists, and have a dedicated streaming station for that purpose.  Artist showcase dates will be posted as they become available.

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We promote and support local small businesses as well.  If you'd like to advertise on our sites, please contact us today @ 419-930-7132.


419LegaC Radio:  Listening to our streaming station is FREE!

GCT419 Recording Studio: $30.00 PER HOUR.  Immediate Mix.  Mastering $75.00.  Book online today under the STUDIO BOOKING/PAYMENTS tab

iHeart Media 94.9 - IN THE BEATSEAT WITH DEBRA SUE - Friday night local music exposure.....call for deails.

GCT419 Publishing Services:  Get copyright and publishing services for your music creations at a great rate!  GCT419 PS also provides editing and illustration services for up and coming book writers.  Call for details.  


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 Your electronic press kit (EPK) is your professional music resume that promoters, venue talent buyers, journalists, and music supervisors use to understand who you are as an artist, what you bring to the table, and ultimately why they should care about you 


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