Carpe Noctum AKA Henna-C

Executive Marketing Director, GCT419 Recording Studio

  Born in Toledo, Ohio affectionately referred to as “The Mud” or “The Glass City”, Carpe Noctum was raised and nurtured on the city’s West side. He grew up poor and often experienced times that he was without the very necessities of life. But he states he had rich learning experiences in his childhood, experiences that molded him into the man he is today. He learned at a very early age that winning was only truly appreciated when “you’ve lost something important in life.” He believes that adversity pushes one to be better, to rise to a level of superior excellence. He states: “winning, when one is supposed to lose speaks volumes.”

He is determined to create a better life for his children, and feels “being successful with this music venture” will help him do that.   As a young adult, he experienced the same struggles many young, poor minorities do, and found himself trapped in an unjust judicial system for a number of years. His words are reflective of his struggles and his fight for mere survival. His words clearly reflect how he feels about his past experiences and how he wants his future (and the future of his children) to be.   Carpe states, “being poor most of my life has created a specific goal of creating a legacy of financial stability for my children have after I’m gone.” He wants to, “live my remaining years comfortably and completely, and simply to be heard.”   

Everyone loves their city and I am no different. He states, “the 419 is where my heart is, and here it shall remain.” He thinks the City of Toledo is full of extraordinary talent, has great potential, and awaits such greatness and, “I have every intention of spreading the word about Toledo like a wild fire,” states Carpe. 

I am the spirit of my city, the enforcer of my blueprint, and the voice of vengeance! I am Toledo’s own DARK KNIGHT.  

Carpe Noctum is currently managed by Debra Sue, Glass City Talent 419 – THE REAL EMPIRE.

His album, “THE JOURNEY” with a special tribute to Toledo entitled, “G.L.A.S.S.”, is found on all major social media retail and online outlets.  


Debra Sue, Owner/GCT419


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G.L.A.S.S.  by  Carpe Noctum