JoyaVeli - the female Makeveli!


Born December 23rd of 1983 in Toledo, Ohio where she currently resides, JoyaVeli (Christen JoyThell Jane Henry) started singing at the early age of 4 in a choir that included herself and other family members, led by her loving yet stern grandmother, Beatrice Henry. The group was called the "Clouds of Angels", and their melodious sounds aired on WKLR (a then popular local radio station) every other Sunday morning during the late 80's, early 90's.  

At the age of 9, she discovered she had a love and talent for writing, and began writing poetry that she would ultimately transform into melodious songs. She indicates her love of music and writing are attributed to her Grandmother, Micheal Jackson, Mariah Carey, Monica, Brandy, Witney Huston and Jagged Edge.    Inspired by the legendary Tupac Shakur, Queen Latifah, and MC Lyte JoyaVeli started recording at the age of 14 with her 1st cousin, Ro Dawgg.  She was then known artistically as "Madam JoyThell". She would later change her stage name to JoyaVeli, as she was Makaveli Branded by Outlaw Jibril Supris Bey in 2011. She was in love with Tupac Shakur and his the messages of unity, the love for his people, and his fearlessness that were common threads in his music. She says she is "the brain that Tupac said he would spark to change the world".    

She began getting noticed in the rap game by starting and stopping freestyle sessions at parties, later performing at local bars and clubs. She was outspoken, determined, and fierce; she demanded to be heard around her city. As a result of her lyrical content, surpassing her opponents, her name starting ringing bells around Toledo, a city she affectionately refers to as, "This Itty Bitty City".    

She has opened up for Lil Flip, Shawna and I.C.P in Detroit, Michigan. She has been in several competitions winning iHeart Media FM 94.9 (The Beat) radio time. She says, “I am simply focused on serving my divine purpose in this time, to pave a way in the truth of my being and set my bloodline up for success, and to deliver what it is due to my people and the Universe."    

JoyaVeli now has two singles out and working on her EPK. She is currently signed with Toledo’s premier artist Management and Promotions Company, Glass City Talent 419 Management and Promotions under the helm of Debra Sue. 

Toledo's Divine MC’, as she calls herself, is a fireball in her craft and shows the energy, electricity and enlightenment of a higher frequency.

BOOKING:  Contact Debra Sue, Glass City Talent 419, 4199307132.


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